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    Learn More

    Once you turn 65, you become eligible for Medicare insurance even if you plan on continuing to work. Call today for help in finding the right supplemental insurance for your situation. You may be able to save money or have other choices if you have limited income and resources.

  • Veterans: Medicare or VA?

    Veterans: Medicare or VA?

    Veterans are eligible for both Medicare and VA benefits. Many Vets decide to enroll in Medicare and receive their health services exclusively through Medicare, while others decide to enroll into Medicare to simple supplement their VA health services.

  • Disability Eligibility?

    Disability Eligibility?

    Once someone goes onto permanent disability, they become eligible for Medicare. It's best to get the insurance set-up 1-2 months before it's needed, so call today for help with selecting the best Medicare insurance coverage for your circumstances.

Why Medicare 65?

Nurse Making Notes During Home Visit With Senior CoupleWe can save you money & time while insurance shopping by helping you match your desired benefits with your desired price.

We will help and advise you in completing your insurance plan application.

We’ll monitor the underwriting process to help improve your odds at being approved.

Best of all…our service is Free. There is no additional cost for our service (AKA… no broker fees). In other words, you’ll pay the same price using our services as you would if you applied directly with whichever company you applied for insurance coverage with… Guaranteed.